Empire strikes back

Sorry, I am been duringlast year busy with Estonian economic crises, how to get out of this by cutting the budget. Next week this work looks positively to end and I can return more to my other hobbies – including blooging. But soon now I want to turn attention to one very interesting report – of course for these people who read Russian – where Russian current administration is attacking the history text books of its neighbouring countries, blaming them too be “anti-Russian”. In real meaning it mostly means that they just like too much like Germans – as Estonians are blamed that they did not liked to be swallowed by Russia soon in XIII century – or Swedes, because Estonians think, that the Swedish rule in XVII century, when the peasants got first time some freedoms from the Swedish kings, was better as Russian rule afterwards, when all these rights were taken from them. The reports of such kind are very illuminative on the thinking of current Russian rulers, encouraging is, that by the report, quite big part of Russians themselves are not believing the official version of history, presented by the Russian new official textbooks. This is of course  sign of hope.

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  1. Chris Baker ütleb:

    Mister Laar, let’s hope that you are letting the market fix the economic crises. It’s the only thing that can fix them. I hope you spent time lowering taxes and getting rid of regulations.

    The truth will win in the end. Just teach your children the truth. Russia is a slowly dying civilization. It’s rotting corpse will be all that is left in 150 years.

    I’ve never heard of “leaders” attacking history books written in foreign countries.

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